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Fire hoses shall apply for testing items and testing standards

2021-04-26 01:46:48

Fire hose is a high pressure hose used to transport high pressure water or flame retardant liquid such as foam. According to raw materials, it can be divided into lined fire hose and unlined fire hose. It is mainly used for paving on the scene of external fire and connecting fire trucks to fight fire.

Fire hose detection category:

Fire hose, engineering fire hose, polyurethane fire hose, high pressure fire hose, plastic fire hose, rubber fire hose, fabric fire hose

Fire hose testing items:

Compressive strength testing, pressure testing, pressure test testing, total length testing, third-party testing, material testing, performance index testing, quality testing, factory testing

Fire hose test standard:

GB6246-2011 Fire hose

This standard regulates the specifications and models of fire hoses, requirements for performance indicators, test methods, testing standards and their marks, packaging, transportation, application and maintenance.This standard is mainly used for lining fire hose, fire wet hose and other fire hose.

TPU hose

Fire hose testing process:

1. Project declaration -- submit the declaration to the supervision of testing institutions.

2, material preparation -- according to the standard requirements, the company prepared the corresponding qualification certification documents.

3. Product testing -- the company will send the tested samples to the laboratory for testing.

4. Preparation of reports -- Qualified technical engineers shall compile reports according to the qualified test data.

5. Submit for approval -- the technical engineer will conduct the approval of the complete report.

6. Issue certificates -- Issue reports after the approval of the report is accurate.