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Jiangsu Jinluo New Material Technology Co., Ltd. wish you a happy New Year!

2021-02-11 01:14:09

The Spring Festival is a new day. Although the Spring Festival is set on the first day of the first lunar month, its activities are not limited to that day. From the end of the new year on the 24th, people begin to be busy with the new year: offering sacrifices to the kitchen, sweeping away the dust, buying new year's goods, pasting New Year's red, washing their hair and bathing, and putting on lanterns and decorations. All these activities have a common theme, that is, to say goodbye to the old and welcome the new. Spring Festival is not only a happy and peaceful festival for family reunion, but also a carnival for people to express their yearning for happiness and freedom and an eternal spiritual pillar. Before the festival, people leaving their hometown in Biejing will try their best to return home and reunite with their relatives and share the happiness of family. On New Year's Eve, the whole family got together and ate the "reunion dinner". The elders distributed "lucky money" to the children, and then "ShouSui" to welcome the new year. During the festival, relatives and friends visit each other to express their feelings and best wishes for the new year.

During the Spring Festival, there are many kinds of celebrations, such as lion dance, floatation, dragon dance, God outing, temple fair, flower street, lantern watching, gongs and drums, vernier flag, fireworks burning, blessing, spring dancing, stilt walking, dry boat running, Yangko dancing, etc. The custom of offering sacrifices to gods (ancestors) prevails in the southern coastal areas, inheriting the ancient customs. During the Spring Festival, many places hold grand and grand activities of offering sacrifices to heaven and earth gods, greeting the new year and praying for blessings. The contents are rich and colorful, lively and festive, and the flavor of the new year is rich. During the Spring Festival, there are such things as sticking New Year's red, keeping the new year's Eve, having reunion dinner, and paying New Year's greetings. However, due to the different customs, the details have their own characteristics. The Spring Festival folk custom has various forms and rich contents, which is a concentrated display of the essence of the Chinese nation's life culture.

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