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How to use and maintain fire hose?

2021-04-27 01:49:06

Operation method of fire hose:

First, the fire hose is connected. When the fire hose is set on the fire hose socket, the upper soft protective material should be padded, and then the galvanized iron wire or the throat hoop should be fastened firmly.

Second, the fire hose.When using the fire hose, the high-pressure fire hose should be connected to a position close to the water pump. The fire hose after water injection should be prevented from twisting or suddenly bending, and at the same time, the fire hose socket should be prevented from being damaged by collision.

Irrigation hose

Third, fire hose layout.Cloth fire hose, want to bypass the sharp objects and various oil, to the upper vertical cloth fire hose, to make a fire hose hook through the traffic trunk road cloth fire hose, fire hose should be paid to protect the bridge, through the lines, fire hose should be tracks down after, the prevention of fire hose is car wheels run over bad disrupted water supplies.

Fourth, prevent freezing.In cold winter, when the water supply needs to be stopped on the fire site, the water pump needs to run at a slow speed and maintain a small water flow in order to prevent the freezing of the fire hose.

Fifth, clean the fire hose. After the fire hose is used, it should be clean. For the fire hose transporting foam, be sure to scrub carefully and protect the adhesive layer.In order to better remove the grease on the hose, you can use warm boiling water or soap to wash, the frozen fire hose, step to make it melt, then clean dry, dry fire hose should not be stored in rolls.