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Characteristics of polyurethane lining fire hose

2021-04-24 05:43:15

Let's take a look at the characteristics of the polyurethane lined fire hose. Is it working?Why so many people like to use polyurethane lined fire hoses:

1. Polyurethane has good characteristics of high pressure resistance and cold resistance. It can not only be applied to the continuous high temperature of more than 100 degrees, but also ensure the softness in the low temperature of 60 degrees below zero.

2. The aging resistance of polyurethane is good, which can moderately extend the service life of fire hose and reduce the replacement frequency of fire hose;

TPU hose

3. The leather of PU hose for agricultural facilities is made of high-strength polyester filament woven by circular looms with high precision. This kind of material can meet the pressure resistance of fire hose and ensure the normal pressure of fire hose;

The above is the description of the 200 mm fire hose. I hope it will be helpful to you.