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What are the specifications and service life of fire hose?

2021-04-23 05:40:07

Fire hose specifications and service life, today to give you one by one answer.To introduce the basic functions of fire hoses: fire hoses are used to transport high pressure water or flame retardant liquids such as foam.Traditional fire hoses are lined with rubber and covered with linen braid.Advanced fire hoses are made of polymers such as polyurethane.Fire hoses have metal joints at each end and can be attached to another hose to extend the distance or to a nozzle to increase the pressure of the liquid injection.

Fire hose classification

Fire hose is divided into two types with lining and without lining: lining fire hose includes cotton, nylon lining glue belt, polyester filling glue belt, hemp coated plastic hose.Unlined water with cotton hose, flax hose, ramie hose.According to the working pressure, it is divided into four categories: 0.8Mpa, 1.0Mpa, 1.3Mpa and 1.6Mpa.They are divided into four categories according to diameter: 50, 65, 80 or 75 and 90 mm.According to the way of weaving, it is divided into two categories: plain water belt and twill water belt.The length of each water-saving zone is generally 20 meters.

Specifications and model of fire hose:TPU hose

Type 8 65 lining glue tape;Type 13 65, 80 lining glue tape;Type 16 65 lining glue tape

Service life of fire hose

According to the relevant national regulations, if the fire hose has been used once, it must be replaced or maintained by the fire maintenance unit. And it must be tested at least once a year, because the fire hose needs to undergo high water pressure in the process of use.If the time is too long, there will be adhesion of the inner wall.Rubber and plastic hose and lining glue belt maintenance methods are different.

The above is the summary of the fire hose specifications and service life of the answer, I hope to help you.Specialized in the production of all kinds of fire hose, Dongfang pump, micro fire station and other kinds of fire equipment, welcome users to come to consult, we will be dedicated to your service.

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