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How to divide fire hose model?

2021-04-21 10:51:42

Fire hose plays an important role in fire fighting. How to classify the type of fire hose?Fire hose manufacturers today to give you a point:

1, fire hose according to its material can be divided into: rubber hose, rubber hose, polyurethane hose

2, fire hose according to the size can be divided into: DN50, DN65, DN80, DN100, DN125, DN150

Polyurethane hose

3, fire hose according to the pressure can be divided into: 8, 10, 13, 16, 20, 25 type

4, fire hose according to the use can be divided into: agricultural hose, industrial hose that fire brigade special hose and so on

Above is the division of fire hose model, hope to be helpful to you.