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How to use fire hose?

2021-04-30 11:00:00

Fire hoses are equipped in many large restaurants, entertainment places and shopping malls, but many people do not know how to use them. If they are not used properly, they will not play the role of the hoses, and delay the opportunity to put out the fire. Here is how to use the hoses.

1 open the fire bolt door, take out the hose, water gun.

2 Check whether the hose and joint are in good condition. If there is any damage, it is strictly prohibited to use.

3Laying hose to fire site to prevent twisting.

4 Connect the hose close to the end of the fire hydrant and the fire hydrant. Insert the connection buckle into the chute and tighten it clockwise.

5 Connect the other end of the hose with the water gun (the connection procedure is the same as that of the fire hydrant).

6 After finishing the connection, at least 2 people hold the water gun tightly and aim at the fire (not at others, avoid high pressure water injury).

7 slowly open the fire hydrant valve to the largest, aim at the root of the fire stop extinguishing.


Polyurethane hose

8 Fire hose connection, fire hose should be padded with a layer of soft maintenance material when the fire hose connection is put on, and then tied tightly with galvanized iron wire or throat hoop.

9 Application of fire hose.When using the fire hose, the high-pressure fire hose should be connected in the center near the water pump, and the fire hose should avoid changing or suddenly bending after filling with water, and the connection of the fire hose should be avoided from being damaged by collision.

10 Fire hose laying.Laid fire hose, to avoid sharp objects and various oil, to the high vertical laid fire hose, fire hose shall be used, through the traffic main artery laid fire hose, fire hose should be paid to protect the bridge, through the railway under the fire hose from orbit, to prevent the fire hose is the treads bad and continuous water supply.

11 Avoid icing.In the severe winter, when the water supply on the fire site needs to be suspended, in order to avoid freezing of the fire hose, the water pump needs to run slowly and adhere to a small amount of water output.

12 Cleaning the fire hose. After the fire hose is used, it is necessary to clean the fire hose with foam. It is necessary to wash and maintain the adhesive layer carefully.In order to remove the grease on the fire hose, warm water or soap can be used to wash the frozen fire hose. The frozen fire hose should be ablated, and then washed and air-dried. The fire hose without air-dried should not be stored in the roll.

The above is a summary of the use of fire hoses for you, I hope to help you.