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How to choose TPU hose

2021-03-09 09:05:37

How to choose fire hose

1. Look at the appearance certificate

Carefully check the appearance of fire products, check whether they are excellent, and check the production date and shelf life of the products. At the same time, check the nameplate and test report of the products. All fire products produced by regular manufacturers shall have "one book and one report", namely the type approval certificate issued by the national fire product qualification assessment center and the fire detection and test certificate issued by the national fire detection center Report, and compare the appearance and indicators of "one book and one report" with the purchased fire products.


2. Online confirmation

Log in the website of "China fire products conformity assessment center" to check whether the purchased fire products belong to the products recorded on the website. Generally, all the products with records are qualified products. And check whether the type approval certificate and fire test report are true.

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