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National standard for fire hose

2021-03-09 09:06:27

National standard for fire hose

No.23 notice of 2011 issued by the National Standardization Administration approved the release of gb6246-2011 "fire hose", which is a compulsory national standard and will be implemented from June 1, 2012. Since the implementation of the standard, the following three standards have been abolished: gb6246-2001 performance requirements and test methods for lined fire hose; gb4580-1984 unlined fire hose; ga34-1992 technical conditions for wet fire hose


GB 6246-2011 specifies the performance requirements, test methods, inspection rules, marks, packaging, transportation, use and maintenance of fire hose. The standard puts forward specific performance indexes for the appearance quality, inner diameter, length, design working pressure, test pressure, small blasting pressure, water permeability of wet water belt, unit length mass, elongation, expansion rate, twist direction, bending, adhesion, low temperature resistance, physical and mechanical properties of lining (or cladding), Can comprehensively assess the performance of fire water belt.

The main differences between the new standard and GB 6246-2001 are as follows: (1) the model and specification of fire hose and its naming method are increased; (2) the performance requirements and test methods of the fire hose are increased; (3) the torsional performance requirements of the fire hose are revised; (4) the requirements for the wear resistance of the fire hose and the corresponding test methods are increased; (5) The requirements and test methods for the connection performance of fire water belt and fire interface are added; 6) the use and maintenance of fire water belt are increased.

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