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Fire hose accessories

2021-03-09 09:04:41

Fire hose accessories

Hose accessories mainly refer to the necessary accessories for connecting and using fire hose, including interface, water distributor, etc.

1. Interface

The interface is the connection between water hose and water hose, fire pump, fire hydrant or mobile water monitor. It mainly includes hose interface, pipe tooth interface, valve cover, internal thread fixed interface, external thread fixed interface, reducing interface, special-shaped interface, etc.

Attention should be paid in use:

(1) When using and storing, it is necessary to avoid falling, bumping and heavy pressure, so as to avoid deformation and make assembling and disassembling difficult.

(2) Before connection, the chute and sealing parts should be carefully checked. If there are sludge, sand and other debris, they should be removed in time to prevent difficulty in assembly and disassembly and poor sealing.

(3) When connecting the internal buckle type interface, insert the buckle claw into the chute, and then screw it clockwise. When connecting the water hose, it is necessary to straighten the water hose and twist the waterproof tape to make the interface separate.

(4) When connecting the plug-in connector, it should be inserted until the female connector spring pin extends to the male connector slot to ensure reliable connection.

(5) During storage, avoid contacting with acid, alkali and other chemicals to prevent corrosion of metal parts and deterioration of rubber sealing ring.


2. Water separator

The water distributor is a connecting device which divides the water flow from the outlet line to the branch line. According to the number of branch lines, there are two, three and four parts of water.

(1) Structure

Each water distributor has a water inlet and several water outlets, which can be used at the same time or separately, and its interface is internal buckle type. The water outlets are equipped with stop valves or ball valves, which can be closed at any time to control the water flow and facilitate the increase and exchange of branch water belts.

(2) Use and maintenance

Before use, check whether the interface sealing ring and valve are complete and easy to use. In severe winter, we should try to keep warm to prevent freezing failure. Rinse with clean water after use.

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