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Use and maintenance of fire hose

2021-03-09 09:02:46

Maintenance measures

Use and maintenance of fire hose:

1、 When the fire hose is connected with the hose joint, a layer of soft protection must be padded, and then it shall be fastened with galvanized iron wire or throat hoop.

Second, the use of water hose. When using the fire hose, the high-pressure water hose should be connected near the water pump. After water filling, the hose should be prevented from twisting or sudden bending, and the hose interface should be prevented from collision damage.


Third, water belt laying. When laying the water belt, avoid sharp objects and various oils. When laying the water belt vertically to a high place, use the water belt hook. When laying the water belt through the traffic main road, the water belt bridge should be padded. When passing the railway, the water belt should pass under the track, so as to avoid the water belt being crushed by the wheel and intermittent water supply.

Fourth, prevent icing. In severe winter, when the water supply is suspended on the fire site, in order to prevent the water belt from freezing, the water pump needs to run slowly to keep a small water output.

Fifth, hose cleaning, water after use, to be cleaned, the conveyor belt must be carefully washed, foam protection. In order to remove the grease on the hose, warm water or soap can be used to wash it. The frozen hose should be melted, and then cleaned and dried. The hose that is not dried should not be stored in rolls.


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