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Use of fire hose

2021-03-09 09:01:12


Fire hose accessories include hose cloth, hose hook, hose bridge, interface, water distributor, etc.

① The hose cloth is used to wrap the fire hose leakage, which is one of the necessary accessories on the fire truck. It is composed of canvas belt, metal clamp and other parts.

② The hose hook is a tool to hang the fire hose. In the fire fighting, when the hose is vertically laid to the high place, the hose hook is used to hang the hose on the ladder or other objects, which can not only reduce the falling force of the hose, but also facilitate the water gunner to control the water gun to fire. The hose hook is composed of canvas belt, metal hook and half ring.


③ The water belt bridge is used to protect the water belt from affecting the normal driving of vehicles when it is laid horizontally on the main road. It has the characteristics of high strength, compression resistance and durability, and easy to clean up.

④ There are many kinds of interfaces, such as hose interface, pipe tooth interface, reducing interface, special-shaped interface, thread interface, etc. It is used to connect water hose with water hose, fire hydrant, fire pump, water gun and other spray devices. According to the structure, it can be divided into internal button type, insert type and thread type.

⑤ The purpose of the water distributor is to separate two or more streams of water from one stream of water; the other is to use the water distributor as a switch. With the help of the water distributor, the water can be turned on or off from the water belt line, and there is no need to switch to the water pump, so as to shorten the time required to turn on and off the water flow and ensure the water supply in the fire scene in time. There are three kinds of water separators: two water separators, three water separators and four water separators.

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