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Maintenance of water hose

2021-03-09 08:57:50

Maintenance of water hose

① Management. It is necessary to implement the management by special personnel, classify according to the quality, number and register, and master the quality and use of water hose in time. Establish and improve the water hose maintenance system, and regularly educate all staff to abide by it consciously.

② Storage. A special storage place or room shall be set up. For long-term storage, the standby water hose shall be stored in a place with suitable temperature and ventilation. The water hose shall be rolled up in a single layer and placed on the drainage belt rack. It shall be turned twice a year or folded once a year. With the car hose to avoid mutual friction, if necessary, to exchange hem.


③ In terms of use. When laying, it should avoid sudden twists and turns, avoid forced dragging on the ground after water filling, and avoid contact with corrosive chemicals such as oil, acid and alkali; in areas where there may be flame or strong radiant heat, cotton or hemp water hose should be used; when laying water hose when climbing, it should be hooked with water hose; when passing through railway, it should pass under the rail, and when passing through road, it should be padded with water hose to protect bridge; To prevent the water hose from contacting with hard objects with edges and corners, do not throw wooden boards, steel parts and other items on the water hose when demolishing buildings; clean the water hose after use; use lining water hose when laying water hose outside buildings in cold areas.

④ Repair. If any loophole is found during use, it should be wrapped up with wrapping cloth in time to avoid the expansion of the small hole, marked and repaired in time after use. It should be checked frequently at ordinary times and repaired in time if any damage is found.