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Differences and characteristics of Pu hose, TPU hose and pur hose

2021-03-03 03:56:03

Pu hose

Pu material, Bai is polyurethane. It has chemical corrosion resistance, light weight, high wear resistance, anti dyeing, anti flatulence and other properties, but it is easy to aging. It is mainly used for air pipe, water pipe and material conveying pipe.

TPU hose

TPU hose's inherent anti seawater stress cracking performance, anti hydrolysis stability, antibacterial property and special UV protection performance; TPU hose's excellent wear resistance, impact strength, toughness and softness; TPU hose's typical uses: washer, hose, pipe, all kinds of injection products; TPU hose's typical medical products include catheter, connector, hose, film and short-term implantable and other medical products Medical equipment, etc.


Pur hose

Extremely anti-wear, copper plated steel wire to enhance the strength of the hose, high pressure, vacuum and compression resistance, high shaft strength, so that the delivery of materials smooth, good chemical resistance; bending radius is about 3 times the outer diameter, can discharge static electricity. Structure: it is coated on the pipe wall with strong elastic copper plated steel wire; wall: special polyether type polyurethane, about 0.6-0.9mm thick, smooth inner wall; it is more than 10 times more wear-resistant than ordinary PVC hose and rubber pipe;