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Pu tube you do not know the use and characteristics

2021-03-03 03:47:57

Pu tube, also known as TPU tube, is a fully transparent pneumatic hose made of polyurethane particles, high temperature extrusion and vulcanized rubber. The models and specifications are 10 * 6.5, 12 * 8, 4 * 6. Polyurethane is made of organic diisocyanate or polyacrylate and dimethyl or polymethyl chemicals. The key is used in the pneumatic control valve of automation technology, which is used to transport compressed air to control the cylinder fitness movement, so as to achieve the whole system software work. It is characterized by soft tube body and good acid-base resistance. When it is used in the air compressor, it is likely that a variety of vegetable oils will enter the tube body or be dyed on the surface. After testing, its acid-base resistance is stronger than that of nitrile rubber.

The abrasion resistance index is 0.2g/m2, which can transport all kinds of particles, such as recycled plastics, wheat flour, and all kinds of dust. Moreover, the anti sticking ability of Pu pipe is very good, which can avoid pipeline blockage and save product cost. The inner cavity is smooth and clean, which can reduce the vibration reduction of the fluidity of the steam body and liquid, and save the driving force and electric energy


It has better tear resistance than ordinary rubber hose and plastic pipe. It can be used in various complicated natural environments with good ductility and longer service life

All transparent Pu tube, with high flame retardant performance, can be used in food enterprises and coal mines. Pu tube with excellent flame retardant and fire retardant performance can be used in coal mines filled with coalbed methane, with anti-collision, anti-static and corrosion resistance. It can be used to transport hydrogen, vapor and liquid or organic solvents with pH value.

Pu pneumatic pipe pressure can achieve 2.8MPa, operating temperature range - 40 degrees - 120 degrees, can be used in hydraulic oil pipeline or ultra-high pressure natural environment. Pneumatic pipe, hydraulic pipe, garden pipe, oil pipe, water supply pipe, oil and gas field pipe, sandblasting pipe, peristaltic pump hose, etc.

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