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Some characteristics you dont know about TPU flame retardant tubes

2021-03-03 03:47:16

TPU flame retardant tube has strong flame resistance, it can only be ignited when oxygen content reaches 95%. Such natural environment is not generally possible, and it is not easy to ignite under normal conditions and extinguish from fire. TPU flame retardant tube has the advantages of more obvious compressive strength and breakdown field. It is used as insulation layer of power capacitor, insulation layer of household electrical instrument panel and sealing gasket.

TPU flame retardant tube has good elastomer, and its tensile strength is closely related to hardness. With the increase of hardness of TPU, its tensile modulus and tear strength will also increase, the load capacity of rigidity and compression increases, and its elongation will also decrease, which is mainly caused by the increase of hardness content. And density and dynamic heat generation will increase. The tear strength of TPU flame retardant tube is also related to hardness. With the increase of hardness, the tear strength of TPU flame retardant tube can be enhanced rapidly. In addition, the properties of TPU elastic plastics include higher shear strength and impact force.


TPU flame retardant pipe is a common raw material with corrosion resistance and heat resistance. TPU flame retardant tube is a kind of high-quality die shell extrusion tube. It can be used normally in - 40 ℃ ~ 120 ℃ with unique manufacturing process. It has reliable high-quality corrosion resistance. Transportation of strong corrosive gas and liquid under high temperature is irreplaceable by other pipelines.

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