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Characteristics of high pressure fire hose

2021-03-03 03:59:07

  The fire hazard of high-rise buildings is very high, for example, in 100 meters of high-rise buildings, the fire and smoke can reach the top level in about 20-30 seconds. In this special case, the fire water pressure is very high. High pressure fire water belt emerges as the times require, which has super high pressure resistance, and plays an important role in the fire fighting operation of high-rise fire.

Municipal polyurethane fire water hose

Fire will have a great impact on human society and natural environment. Fire has the characteristics of strong burst, great destruction, high complexity of disaster, and difficult disaster accident treatment. Especially for high-rise building fire, there are often environmental problems such as insufficient water supply, narrow fire control channel, inaccessible fire vehicles, and more combustible materials and gathering of personnel. This puts forward higher requirements for fire fighting products (high pressure fire water belt).


Polyurethane lining fire hose

High pressure polyurethane fire hose is a double-layer water hose with polyurethane lining. It has the advantages of high pressure resistance, wear resistance, low elongation and moderate expansion rate. It can transport water for a long distance, and its service life is 2-3 times that of single-layer water hose. It is suitable for all kinds of workplaces and environments. It plays a vital role in the application scenarios of high-rise fire fighting and urban remote water supply.

Polyurethane lined high pressure fire hose

Compared with the double-layer hose, the single-layer hose has the characteristics of light weight, small flow resistance, easy winding and convenient use. Compared with the single-layer hose, the double-layer hose is used in a worse environment than the single-layer hose. The outer layer of the product is colored, which has the characteristics of dirt resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance and easy to be distinguished.


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