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Large-caliber flat hose for petroleum

2021-04-23 08:42:57
Large-caliber flat hose for petroleum
Large diameter flat hose parameters 4 inches
size           Wall thicknessweight        Work pressureBurst pressure
4”(100)           3.9~4.11.4~1.8         1.6Mpa4.8Mpa
performanceproduct material
Elongation : ≤ 2%Inner layer:TPU
Expansion rate:  ≤ 6.0%Middle layer: polyester filament
Peel strength: ≥ 45N/25mmOuter layer:TPU

Production process description and delivery cycle

1、Production process description

Selection of raw materials→→→Braided hose skeleton layer→→→One-time extrusion molding→→→Water pressure detection→→→Coiling→→→Printing→→→Warehouse→→→Packing Finished Product→→→Loading and Transportation

(Install the polyester filament on the loom to produce the hose skeleton layer, and inspect the quality of the polyester industrial yarn)

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