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Fracturing hose for oil and gas production

2021-04-23 08:43:24
Fracturing hose for oil and gas production

The high pressure water delivery hose with flat coil adopts one-time forming co extrusion process, which is composed of TPU inner rubber layer, fiber reinforced braid layer and TPU outer rubber layer. The conductive wire is added into the fiber braid to solve the static electricity problem of the hose during the oil transportation process, and can ensure the safe and efficient transportation efficiency of oil, and can transport gas, water, oil and other media, and transport medium No pollution.

Technical indicators of large-caliber flat hose performance

Item                                                                       Inner rubber layer   Outer rubber layer

Tensile strength,MPa≥                                                     20                              20

Elongation at break,% ≥                                                  350                            350

Determine air aging performance(70℃士2℃×168h)                           

Tensile strength retention rate,%≥                                                                     80

Retention rate of elongation at break,% ≥                                                         80

Performance after receiving liquid

Tensile strength retention rate,%≥                                   70                              70

Retention rate of elongation at break,%≥                     70                               70

Volume expansion,% ≤                                                     40                               70

Performance after immersion in water (23℃±2℃X14d)                

Tensile strength retention rate,%≥                                   70                               70

Retention rate of elongation at break,% ≥                       70                               70

Brittleness temperature,℃≤                                             -55                             -55

Acid and alkali resistance 

Tensile strength retention rate,%≥                                   70                                70

Retention rate of elongation at break,%二                       70                                70

Volume expansion degree,%≤                                          40                                40

Electrostatic conductivity

The oil hose is woven into a continuous conducting and static wire. The static wire ensures that the two joints of the hose are in the conduction state, and its Zui resistance is not greater than 50 / s. When the hose is wound, folded and subjected to the internal pressure specified in the specification, the hose shall be kept on.

Original interlaminar bond strength

The original interlaminar bonding strength between the inner rubber layer, the outer rubber layer and the reinforcing layer of the hose shall not be less than 45N / 25mm.

Interlaminar bonding strength after immersion

The interlaminar adhesion strength between the inner rubber layer, outer rubber layer and reinforcement layer of the hose after immersion shall not be less than 27N / 25mm

Applicable temperature

When used at - 40 ℃ ~ 70 ℃, the hose shall be free of cracking, adhesion and other phenomena, and the oil delivery hose shall always be conductive.

Anti oil pollution

When the hose is used to transport the oil that needs to control the gum content, the test solution is clear and transparent after filling, and there is no suspended solids and other impurities. After the test, the washing gum content of the test solution was not more than 6mg / 100ml

Hydraulic performance

The test pressure and minimum burst pressure of the hose shall meet the requirements. Under the test pressure, the hose shall be free of leakage and obvious deformation. The vertical blasting should be used in pipe blasting. Under the design working pressure, the length change rate of the hose shall not be greater than 2%, the diameter expansion rate shall not be greater than 7%, and the hose shall not twist anticlockwise along the water flow direction.

Waterproof pollution

It meets the safety evaluation standard of GB / t17219.

UV resistance

Under 2 times magnifying glass, there was no crack in the outer rubber layer of the hose.

Ozone resistance

Under the condition of ozone concentration 50 × 10, test temperature 40 ℃± 2 ℃, after 72 hours, there was no crack on the outer rubber layer of the hose under the 7-fold magnifying glass.

Wear resistance

When the H-22 grinding wheel is used and there is no additional pressure, the rotation number of the grinding wheel when the reinforcement layer is exposed shall not be less than 250000.

scratch resistance

When the hose used for ship to ship oil or shore to ship oil or water transportation is scratched and leaked, the number of tool cycles shall not be less than 7000.

Longitudinal breaking strength

Take three sections of 400mm long sample pipe, clamp both ends of the hose with appropriate clamps, and test the longitudinal breaking strength of the hose on the tensile machine. The average value is taken as the test result, and any test result meets the specification requirements. identification

Clear product identification shall be printed on both ends of the hose, including the product name, specification and model, single length, production date, product number, name of the manufacturer, and the options are electrostatic conduction, conveying medium, name of the development unit, and name of the supervising unit.


The color of the outer wall of the hose is recommended to be red or black, and others can be customized according to customers' requirements.

Appearance quality

The hose shall have uniform wall thickness, clear mark, smooth surface and no pinhole, bubble, bulge, inclusion and other defects.

The connection between the interface and the water hose shall be free from leakage, explosion or slippage under the hydrostatic test.

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