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Jinluo new material: is polyurethane hose the main choice for dust collection in woodworking workshop?

2021-03-03 03:36:26

In the process of woodworking machinery operation, a large number of sawdust and dust will be produced, such as four side planer, sanding machine, woodworking carving machine, edge banding machine, drilling machine, sawing machine, rod mill, slicing machine and so on. These dust floating in the air is easy to be inhaled into the respiratory tract by workshop workers, which seriously affects their health. To eliminate dust pollution in carpentry workshop fundamentally, we must take the comprehensive treatment route, start with production equipment, select reasonable mechanical equipment, and supplement with certain dust prevention and dust removal measures. But under the current conditions, the effective measures are still to choose dust removal equipment.

The selection of dust removal equipment should consider the degree of purification required by the operation site and the nature of dust. For large wood dust and medium wood dust can be collected in time on site, and for various fine wood dust with great harm, the effective method is to use dust collection device to collect. The essential part of dust removal device of woodworking machinery is vacuum pipe, which has higher requirements, which needs wear-resistant, flexible and bending, and long service life. Polyurethane hose is undoubtedly the main dust suction pipe for anti-static dust in woodworking workshop.


Polyurethane hose products are made of special TPU embedded spiral steel wire, with wear resistance (better than rubber 3-4 times; soft pvc6-7 times), aging resistance, tear resistance, high transparency, can observe the suction and conveying process, light weight, good scalability, good resilience and low temperature compressibility, etc., with ultra-high strength and long service life.

The hose made of PUR material has tensile resistance, tensile strength, high tear strength, wear resistance, bending resistance, penetration resistance, low temperature resistance, hydrolysis resistance, good resilience and long service life. Flame retardant requirements meet; ul94-hb standard, ROHS requirements, through the spiral wire grounding can discharge static electricity, and does not contain plasticizer, harmless and tasteless, is a kind of high-performance environmental protection hose.

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